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6088 elevator speed

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I put the elevator speed on high for doing corn. Manual says to change the setting in the yield monitor. Can't find how to do this. Can anyone help me out?
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The manual says that the yield monitor must be recalibrated when you change elevator speeds. You will need to weigh some loads and calibrate with new cal loads. There isn't any setting to change in the monitor.
U changing speeds cause of a 12 row corn head?
No, we run an 8 row. The corn is 30-40 % so there will be a large volume of corn that is the wettest we have seen since '92. Cool summer and early frost doesn't make for fun corn.
Just started harvest in the Thumb of Michigan. Same thing 30-40%. Lots of volume. 200 per acre volume, but 48 test weight. After we ran it through our dryer it was back to about 53. My 1688 could use some more power at these moistures, especially dumping on the go, however we can only dry about 30 acres of corn a day.
here in texas we harvest dry... 13 to 10% moisture, but we have 56 to 61 lb BW. how far do you dry it down to from 40%? will that low 53 BW cause a dock? are low BWs normal for corn run in a dryer?
Corn gets dried to 15.5%. Low BW is because of early frost and the kernals were not totally mature. Last year we had a great finish and bushel weights were high, 58 lbs. and more. harvesting 13% corn is just a dream here. Why do you let it get that dry, aren't you loosing weight?
it must be stored under 14% here to keep well. so hot and humid here
I got ya. I was just thinking u only did that for 12 row heads
had to do it with a 2577 and 6 row in 200+ corn that was plugging the elevator
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