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6088 => 7088

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Talked to some technicians and they told me that it is easy to "upgrade" 6088 to 7088 just by loading ECM software or something like that. Just wondering if someone has try that?
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Problem is the 7088 has a 9l engine and the 6088 has the good ole 8.3l
There's no replacement for displacement... Ask anyone that went from a stx 385 to a 435 with a 12.9 instead of the 15L.....
5088 to 6088 is the same engine
I assume that by changing the ECM software they would change the fuel curve (similar to what a performance chip does). I have never heard of this being a common practice, but if it does then yes the 6088 would essentially equal a 7088. A 6088 is identical to 7088 component wise except for 8.3 instead of the 8.9/9.0.
are the cummins in the new combines common rail like the tractors or still capps style
The 8.3 and 9 litre CDC are common rail.
The 9 litre iveco cursor is common rail.
The 10.3 and 13 iveco cursor use elecronic controlled cam activated fuel systems.

well with todays programmer and computer interface technology you could pretty much get whatever horespower you wanted out of the 8.3. I would think at least class 7 horsepower would be achievable. From what I know the 9.0 is just a bored and stroked 8.3 so as long as warranty was out of the figuring and you would be willing to watch egts I say go for it. On the egt note has anyone toyed with water methanol injection like we do with diesel pickup tuning?
Before common rail...i believe...the first 2588 was the last of the mechanical pump or maybe the last 2388... its kinda running togeather or my memmory is getting worse....its been common rail sense. not the caps fuel system
I believe they switched to common rail on combines in 2006. Therefore, a 2005 model 2388 would be mechanical and the 2006 model 2388 (as well as 2588, 6088, etc.) would be common rail. I do not believe they ever put the caps system in a combine.
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