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Hi all,
I’m an independent ag mechanic and have a customer that just called me to replace his pto clutch for the fourth time. Three previous pto clutches were replaced at dealer for big $$$ (10k ish I believe). I have a lot of confidence in being able to do it for a whole lot less.
This tractor is at about 4000 hours now I think but will confirm when I’m on site tomorrow. It is used strictly for running a mixer wagon on the dairy and I do know they start and stop it with loads on, but these failures seem very out of the ordinary to me even with that. Part of the reason for starting and stopping is they use a non cv shaft and it binds in some of the sharper turns, so one of my suggestions will be to replace the shaft with a cv type to allow it to be run continuously. This tractor replace an old 6420 that ran 12000 hours with out ever needing a pto clutch. It also appears that they used the same clutch plate part numbers. I’m wondering if the pto management system is contributing to additional clutch slippage on high load startups and I had advised them to turn the feature off previously but I believe it has to be disabled after each startup as it defaults to on at startup.
Has anyone else seen premature failures of pto clutches in these 6r’s?

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