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635f header poor feeding.

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We are running a 2013 635f header with air reel and we're doing some field peas. Sometimes the crop will get hung up on the end of the table. The last foot or two. It'll just sit there and build up. No matter where I position the reel, the air, or set my reel speed or travel speed at it'll still do this. Occasionally it'll do it towards the center of the table too. The table is clean on top and underneath. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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You will have that trouble until the header gets shined up. Usually takes a couple hundred acres to get there. You can try spraying the pan down with fluid film or other lubricant but still takes time to shine it up.
Just finished peas. Laying down, standing up. Didn't find a solution. They didn't go quietly this year.:eek: I broke an astounding amount of those fiberglass auger teeth sucking in those gobs. F
Ditto that here. Still have a little over 100 acres left and got rained out. Looks like we may be down for at least a week. Have broke over 60 of those fingers this year, havent broke a single one in 8 years of running 635f's. Dustiest, most miserable pea harvest I've seen in 20 years. Would like to know if guys with drapers are having troubles with the peas feeding this year too.
Buy a flexdraper your feeding problems will magically go away.
Was going to but the neighbors robbed all the banks in our area to buy theirs b4 I got to them
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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