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6620 Titan II

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Just got one of these machines and im going to put my 443 and 213 heads that we've been using on a 4420. The 6620 has spaces between the huds and wheels which look like they'll need taken out so it wont run on the outside rows. Anything else I need to know about this machine.
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Grease and maintenance just like the 4420. Depending on how heavy the crop you may be looking for a bigger header in the future. Neighbor has a 920 straight cut on his 6620. handles 70 bu./ac. wheat quite well.
I do like the lube banks on the 6620 vs reaching up and trying to find the hiding grease zerks on the 4420. Plus hydrostat, better cab, 466 engine, 170bu grain tank etc.. This year will be so much more fun than running the 44.
I never got a chance to run a 44. Have run a 6600, 6620, 6620 T2, 7700, 7701 PT, 7720, 7721 PT, 7720 T2, and my 8820 T2. All have been great machines. Some easier to work on than others.
Does your 6620 have a reverser ? If so you might need to cut out some on the heads to fit past the pulleys--this will depend on how old your heads are. My corn head dated back to 1974, but my grain head is a 1989 and was OK. Had to do the corn head however. I also had a 4420, now a 9410. So if your heads are in the mid-80s maybe OK. If older I know you also will need to use a tourch and cut away.
Use to have a 6620 with a 213 platform. I think you'll find that a 216 will fit your combine better. I had a hard time trying to get a clean cut while trying to drive fast enough to keep the combine full.
That combine will work best in all crops with a 220 or 920 head. I ran a 6620 TII with a 220 rigid head in rice, one year and it did a good job, although it had a spike tooth cylinder and rear wheel assist. There was a steady steam of smoke rolling from the stack.
I do have a reverser and I'm not sure what year the 443 head is, but the 213 has double cut sections on it so speed wont be a problem. I think I'll close the concave a little tighter and slow the cylinder down. How much will I need to cut off the left drive shaft on the corn head?
Not the drive shaft--the frame itsself. The shafts on both sides will be OK. The left frame work will need to be touched out like a circle. Maybe look at your corn head and see if that side is circled out--if new enough it will be--if not, you will need to as it will not go on.
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