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6620 with 4 row head

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My father and I were looking for a different combine for our small family farm last winter and found a really nice 1988 John Deere 6620 Titan II with 2200 Hours. We had a 4420 with a 4 row 38" head. Now we got the 6620 home and found out it will drive on the two outside rows with our current 4 row set up. The dealership took out the spacers for 6 rows on 30" to move the tires in. Has anyone ever had this set up and have any ideas on how to get the tires off the row. Thanks
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I doubt you will ever get it spaced right to stay off the rows. Why not just buy some "stalk stompers" or build your own and run it?

I also have an '88 6620 (6X30). I love it, it serves me well.
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