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70 series reel raise and lower?

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Is there a way to speed up the reel raise and lower on 70 series combines? 7 second raise and 10 seconds lower is awfully slow
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Which header?
MacDon uses reel lift cylinders with about 3 times the volume Deere uses, painfully slow.
60 series have an orifice which we drilled then completely removed, it was about 1/2 again as fast, nothing special but better.

Auger engagement address at RCU 123 ,, default was 50. I set to 10 . Now auger stays engaged through a nice wide arc. Setting for auger light (CAB 134 default 125) changing that setting does not have predictable results.

Thanks to my salesman for coming up with the fix.
Thanks Don, we have one 930d and one 972 30ft split reel.
I believe the macdon is 6 seconds up and 7 down.
Where was the orifice located at? And how is the 595R working out?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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