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700 bu grain tank

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700bus of corn x 56lbs = 39200
300bus(original design of hopper) of corn x 56lbs = 16800

Subtract 16800 from 39200 . . . carry the one, subtract the eight and so on . . . equals: Yup that combine is pretty much screwed. I can't believe that setup works, I'll bet by some miracle he has used it for a season or two and the combine somehow managed. I can't imagine the stress on the final drives, axles, frame, everything by adding an extra 22,400lbs onto that combine. JDs are not exactly known to take kindly to huge hopper extensions. The unload time would be 3.5 mins which seems like a heck of a long time. But if it works I can't really knock it too bad, I hope he doesn't think his warranty is still valid.
And i thought those 500 bu extensions from dicks welding that guys in minnesota use on their STS would stretch things to the max...
Jason, recon we ought to have a SPCFM in addition to the SPCA? That's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Machinery. LOL!
Seriously, what IS the point in all this? Does he not have adequate grain cart or truck capacity? Does he just want to see how many bushels it takes to break his combine's back?
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Maybe he has this size because it's just a lil larger then his neighbor's.... lol
And for faster results, fill it with the densest crop we grow, peas.
Which can be 20% denser than that corn standard.
Throw a 9000 pound draper header on.
You'd probably get to fill the hopper, oh, I don't know, once?

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Seriously, who needs such hopper extensions? People that cant organise thier field logistic?

Also think that's a lot of stress for drives, frame and axles... too much for my opinion.
I have yet to find it at all inconvenient to notch in to the adjacent rows to allow the grain cart to move up along side the combine when opening fields.

I prefer a smaller grain tank to anything over 400 bushel: 1) today's combines can't handle the added load, 2) I don't want that much weight concentrated on today's combine undercarriage and anything else related to it...too much ground pressure and it will likely slow down progress once it gets over the combines factory rating, especially in soft ground.
I like the part that says he put tripples on the tractors as you could see were they ran when the corn came up, Nothing to do with the weight of the dam combine then, with the tank full, doooo
If it works for him then let him do it. It's his 300 thousand dollar combine, if he wants to ruin his combine then let him. It also sounds like he knows what he is doing. Been doing the same thing since the late 70's.
We,ve had dicks extension on a 9500 9510 9650 and now a 9670 never had a final drive issue or anything of the sorts, u pay attention to where your driving and no worries, some people cant afford a cart or have the man power to run it, when u harvest beets adn try to pick corn at the same time with limited help u make due.
Maybe he owns several 700bus bins that are low to the ground therefore eliminating the need for a grain truck? lol
hes gonna snap an axle one day, we just have a hopper top ( doesnt make it that much bigger) and we snapped the axle on our 9650 a few years back, that was fun enough to get back up with the hopper full,and a 36ft draper on it, none the less 700 bushels...
i was worried the first couple hopper fulls of wheat with our 350 bushel extensions but i guess i dont gotta worry lol though even with factory hoppers most combines with big headers are over loading there tires with a full hopper unless they got duals
There is really no logical reason to run singles with a 36ft header and a hopper extension. Duals are so much superior the only downside would be for custom harvesters that need narrow width.
Just imagine how worn the bubble-up auger would be if he left it standard (especially in peas).
You imagine stripping a 5 bag wheat crop with that caseih? Be able to run all day and not stop
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I ran 350 bushel hopper on a 7700 for 6 years. Reason was I could make a full round in 180 bu corn with 1/2 mile rows and unload at end. Didn't have to have grain truck or cart in the field. Worked really well-especially since my trucks were 350 bu.

Was told every year that finals would not last, frame, etc. etc. Actually I was 2nd owner and it lasted from 1978-2010 and now has a new owner. I only rebuilt 1 final drive, and to my knowlege the other one was still factory.
guys hes probily not running to its full all the time he probily just uses it to make breaks in fields that a mile long i doubt he normally puts it above 500
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