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7010+2020 reel problems

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Hello we have a new to us 07 7010 with a 30' 2020. Got started today and cant find how to adjust the reel up and down speed. The way it is now you just touch the button and it flies up or down. The dealer says thats just how it is but i have a hard time believing that. Help thanks
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Same problem with 8010 and 2020 if you find a cure let me know
would it be possible to put a restrictor orfice in the fitting before the cylinder?
Same problem with a 7120 and 2020. I don't see anything in the book about how to set the reel raise/lower speed. Did any of you guys find a solution to this?

would it be possible to put a restrictor orfice in the fitting before the cylinder?
I was thinkin the samething. We are getting ready to purchase a 7010 with a 2020 head and i will let you know if it acts the same way you all describe.
After a bit more googleing, I think there is supposed to be an orifice in the circuit on the header.
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We'll take that apart when we get a chance to confirm there isn't an orifice on ours.

lance just posted on agtalk to striker782, service manager in grand island, nb, also sent him a email, yes i agree, has to be a restricter somewhere, will post back, scott.
Symptom Reel raises and/or lowers too fast
Resolution Ensure that the orifice is in place in the multi-coupler There is an orifice built into the fitting (part number 86623107) on the bottom of the multi-coupler on 2000 series grain heads. The fitting is in the middle of the coupler on port C. Inside the fitting there should be a drilled hole 1.5 mm in diameter. This adapter fitting with orifice is what controls the speed of the reel raise.
WARRANTY: Standard warranty terms apply.


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It was assembled with the wrong fitting. We replaced the fitting with one that has the orifice in it. You can't see the little hole in the picture because it didn't focus the best, but there is a hole there. Amusingly, it is still a bit faster than it should be, but we can live with it.

Here are some pictures for future reference...
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lance, if my math is correct hole is appx .059 inch, anyway can weld it up and redrill to .030 inch to slow it down, what kind of fittings, got a couple ideas, scott.
We just picked up the proper fitting from the dealer and installed. Since this seems to be a mistake from the factory, I assume the part will be covered by warranty.
lance, if my conversion is correct it is .059 is size, would it be possible to weld orfice shut and drill out with a .030 bit, scott.
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