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7010/8010 AM Radio noise

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Does anybody still listen to AM anymore? AM is like putting a 8 track in there. I'm surprised they still do. I had the factory AM/FM/ weather band Radio too. I took it out and junked it in favor of a Pioneer radio with a AM/FM, CD Player and sat. radio.
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thats all i listen do driving tractor, or combine is listen to rush and glenn. smart people..
My 2008 7010 has the factory AM/FM/weatherband radio. The AM works fine on the road and whenever only the engine is running. As soon as the separator is engaged, AM goes to static. FM works fine. Anyone else with this problem or a solution?
yeah in some area's we still do....when you forget your sirius deal and get tired of the 3 country music stations its just something else to listen too.....

KTRS in Stlouis gets out pretty far they have some decent stuff during the day and then frank opinion in the afternoon.....
hahaha....thats great.... its a good show isn't it.....
my 06 2388 has the same static on am. i'll try the antenna moving. i listen to the ag channels on am with market reports on the hour. the static is so bad i can't hear the markets.
Around here, FM is great for music but AM is best for news, sports, markets,, etc. My 2188 factory radio worked fine on both AM and FM. May have something to do with the hopper extensions on the 7010 getting in the way of the factory antenna. Will try moving the antenna.
my CR9070 does the exact same thing...yes I know how similar they are I've been to the factory a few times. Day after day of the same station can get old, some am stations are pretty good. The other night I was getting 780 am out of chicago here in western South Dakota I kid you not...I also get the interferrence more of a squeel when the sep. is engaged
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