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7010 Capacity in wheat and soybeans

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Does anyone have any experience running a 40' small grain head on a CIH 7010 combine in 80 bpa wheat or 60 bpa soybeans? If so, how does the machine handle each crop? Does it overload the machine and bogg it down or does it tear right thru it at average ground speed?

I am trying to figure out if a 40' head is too much for this machine at average ground speed. I know the 8010 has no problem with that size head.
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7010 with 35' auger head & 65 bu sbeans = 3.5 - 4 mph. Have new 35' draper in the shed, tell you this fall how fast it goes.
Just like to ask you if you received any rain this week June 14-17? Saw some radar indicate green on the TV the other night.... here in Central MN only .40 inches in May and just this week now we received .70 inches. Thanks Hammer

Can I ask are you located in Sioux County or Plymonth County? Later

Yes we had 2" in the last 10 days, looks like more headed this way tonight with possible tornados. I am east of Cherokee (also cherokee county) 1 hour NW of Sioux City.
Demoed a 7010 with 35ft. draper last fall. I thought it had all it wanted,bought a 8010 with the 35ft.
7010 with a 2020 30' 40bu beans 5.5 to 7 mph, got new 30' draper for this fall
I am wondering about soybean capacity as well. I have never been a big fan of pre afx rotors in beans. Now that I have a 7010 I am hoping that I can run 50 bpa beans at 5mph with a 35' 2020 flex head. I know some would argue but the red rotors is a better corn combine than the green one but I think it is just the opposite in beans.
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