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7010 chopper bearings

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We just bought a 8010 this year. The CSR from the dealer came out and spent most of a day with us last week. he had lots of good tips, one was when combining peas take the directional shield off of the re-thrasher to prevent plugs especially in wet/weedy conditions. His theory was that there should be no peas in there anyway. I did this after a day and a half of peas, and it helped when straight cutting. We were picking up swaths yesterday that had been on the ground for almost 3 weeks, and I was having problems with mud stopping the fans in there. i then took off the cover on the bottom of the auger trough to finish the last 80ac and that worked well.
how often have you greased the chopper bearings? he told us give it one shot every 60hrs or so not every 600 like the manual says. also there are 3 spots to grease on the chopper that he had just learned about this year.
I've put 40hrs on this machine and so far just think that it is an awesome machine, we have a 40 D60 and it cuts and feeds unbeileveable.
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wow. The beater bearings on a CR are 50 hr grease points. I would think that would be a good guideline for the bearings on the 7010 as well.
Don't be too quite to jump ship, other brands have their problems too. That's why they all have service departments.
Remove the return auger door or cover on bottom of return elevator and you remove the load from right side of chopper. Spxmike is right. You shouldn't have anything in you return with most pulse crops anyway. Most problems like these are the result of operator error, mainly.
we've got 2 7010's (2 serial #'s apart with about 4000 acres on each one) that have major issues with the chopper / right side drive(elevator, re-thresher) bearings. one has had 2 complete sets of bearings & 2 drive hub bearings & 2 drive hubs & had the center shaft replaced. the other has had 1 drive hub and 2 sets of bearings. All of this was last year..... so far this year a drive hub and bearing & may need more, after 2 hours in the first field. ANY one else have any problems with these bearings or any re-thresher problems (ours seem to plug frequently in lentils or other low volume crops)
I suspect the only way to fix this is to get rid of these combines (30 + years and we may need to go green)
I noticed the manual recommends to put the chopper in the opposite speed range that you are running and let it run for about 5 minutes. It says to do this every 50 hours to lubricate the bearing properly.
we have the rethrasher deflector plates out. we grease these bearings every 25 hours, can't be greased. Our dealer has found that both combines may have incorrect pullies installed or in the incorrect order on the rethrasher from th factory, we'll check that in the morning to verify. I didn't know about changing the chopper speeds for proper lubrication, we'll try that as well

thanks every one
don't over grease the chopper bearings. their have been problems with the chopper, but for the most part are solved. if your returning to much to the rethresher it could be your problem. don't know enough about your conditions
The grease interval for chopper bearings is to long .We were finding that only greasing at recommended intervals (300hrs) that some people weren`t greasing in ahole year ,We were replacing choppers and bearings every year since we have recommended greasing once a week we have replaced none in 2 and a half seasons between 2 stores . Grease all 3 bearings with a few strokes or a couple pulses dont grease until it comes out of the seals though these are high temp bearings and they will use grease. As far as the chopper bearings going out immediately it sounds like the dog house mounts for the chopper bearings may be cracking. If the bearings go out and it vibrates badly they may be tweaked.
You talk about 3 places to grease chopper. Have an 08 8010 and grease both ends (left and right). Were is the third grease zerk?
grease each of the large support bearings and one on the right side above the rethresher (behind the mount for the support bearing)

we're trying a new tactic .... after warming up the engine we have starte..d to run the thresher for a minute or 2 at idle, our thinking is that some of the bearings could have improper lubrication until the grease has warmed up a bit so far so good, we also took apart the rethreshers and scraped & washed/dried them, so far we have no residue staying in them now.

currently we are cutting red lentils (only 6 or 7 inches tall/12-15 bushels per acre) dry conditions, some (10 or so pants per square yard) green volunteer wheat & canola (stems/straw are dry, pods, kernels damp probably 20%+ moisture), desiccated 10 days ago with reglone
yeah what tfrancis said this is the support hub and bearing for the inner shaft that runs through the hollow chopper shaft and inturn drives the right side functions a b--ch to get at needs to be turned just right but important nonetheless
just about put the 8010 up in smoke today cause of the cheezy locking collars on the outer right chopper bearing. I went through a low spot and the spreader stopped (wet barley straw) as i was cleaning off the sieves, I could smell smoke and looked up to see my right side of the chopper smoldering. turns out that there are 3 small set screws that hold the lock collar on and 2 were loose and 1 was gone, which let the bearing wobble on the shaft and made the shaft and right side of the chopper tube too hot to touch. d**n lucky that the spreaders stopped because I don't know when I would have noticed it. The bearings are okay, but we are putting new ones in while we have it apart. Parts from case are $600, because you have to buy hub and all. Has anyone found a bearing that will fit in the pillow block?
From now on I will be checking those three bearings and set screws very often, that was just too close for comfort.
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what else was ruined when the collars are in backwards? How bad was your shaft bent? I checked the bearings quite often today and the inner right bearing area was warmer than I would like it to be, it is almost to warm to touch for very long. Do I have other issues, or do these run warm? I'm gonna try and find a temp gun tomorrow and see how warm it actually is.
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