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7010 Corn Sieve for wheat and soybeans???

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Looking at a 7010 with corn sieve. We would use the machine mainly for soybeans and a few hundred acres of winter wheat. It would probably get used for corn but never above 20% and never above 200bpa, usually 150 or less. Would this corn sieve do a quality sample for beans and wheat, or would I never be satisfied. We grow our grain for seed. Thanks
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Long finger corn chaffer in the top will work fine, use 1-1/8 in the bottom at the same time even for corn unless high yield 200+ and moisture then go to the 1-5/8 closz in the bottom.
Is it truly a corn sieve (1-5/8 open slat) or just 1-5/8 cloz slat? If it is the open slat or corn sieve, i doubt it will work well in wheat. Beans, I don't know? I use 1-5/8 cloz slat for wheat and beans, then put in corn sieve for corn. I always run 1-5/8 bottom sieve and pre cleaner, but am sure it would help in wheat to run 1-1/8 all around. Hopefully someone else adds their two cents as well. Good luck.
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