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7010 feeder seal

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We have an early 7010 and in corn, that crappy little rubber flap seal malfunctions and results in a stream of corn dribbling out under the feeder house. The spring holder is staying in position but the flap still eventually comes out. It seems like the seal is made too narrow and when you lift to full height, it gets caught or corn pushes it from behind and doesn't slide back in right and it gets warped out of shape and eventually pops right out. I've heard of others having the same problem. Anyways, does anyone know if there is an update for it? If not, I'm thinking of making one out of some wider belting to see if it helps.
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newer ones are different look for a sn change for parts
Check the door that is hinged on the combine, it should remain in contact with the bottom of the feeder at all times when the feeder is fully raised and lowered. Make sure the hinge is not siezed and moving as it should, if not the seal will get pushed out as you describe. Raise the feeder and put the safety lock on hyd cylinder then go under the feeder and pull on the hinged door with your hands and release it. It should close with just the spring tension up against the feeder bottom, if it is sticking/binding it will need to be freed up. I had to pull the hinge pins on each side and clean out the hinge area to free it up. I have also made a heavier seal using round baler belting which is three ply and it seems to work better and last longer than the original rubber which is lighter. Make sure the smooth side of the belting is facing the crop.
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