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7010 Maintenence

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Hi guys. Just about to start some maintenece on my 07 7010 for the upcoming wheat season here in Australia. It has approx. 2000 rotor hrs, 3000 engine hrs, just wondering if anyone could suggest anything that may need looking at or any problems they have had around these hrs? Cheers.
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I hope you have already done a bit of maintenance already with those kind of hours.;)

I can't comment on wear items but I do remember at a recent combine clinic that there is a crankcase breather filter on the Iveco engines that should be changed every 500 hrs or so. Probably do the fuel tank breather as well periodically, they have been known to plug....:(
Thanks mate, i will check it out. Maintenece is definetly one thing I don't muck around with. If it needs doing it gets done. Nothing worse then breaking down when you don't have to. I have found it to be a reliable machine just the same.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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