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7088 chopper bearings

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Has anyone else had problems with the straw chopper shaft bearings? Ours went out at 60 hours. Worst of all, it will take four days to get one. It is a bigger shaft, and bearing than the 2388's, but apparently not heavy enough. Maybe just a bad batch of bearings.
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Some local bearing supplier would surely have one. Don't need to wait 4 days just because dealer won't stock parts.
they've used those bearings ever since the 14xx series..maybe older... that was a nice thing too...they seem to come right off while others don't...I assume ur talking shat shape...octagon if I recall...shaped
They are different for sure. We checked at Cat, JD, and New Holland. They are approximately 1.75 inch diameter and are surprisingly tough to get off. Perhaps they are metric. The dealers think they have them on hand, but the old bearings are smaller diameter. 2388,2588 etc. I believe they have to come from Indiana.
Follow up. The dealer replaced the bearings, and after a few hours of combining, I felt the bearing, and it was very warm. I was told that this bearing normally runs at 180 degrees. The bearing is metric and started with serial number1449. I hope the new bearing stands up better than the last one. Very good follow up from the dealer, and CNH. It is something to check before you shut down for the night.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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