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7088 vs. 7010

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I might be in the market for one of these combines this winter. I know the 7088 is probably more like what I'm familiar with (2188) but I've heard the 7010's were good corn and bean combines as well. How do they compare and what's some opinions on these models?
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Have had a 7088 since the first year they came out in 09 and have been very happy with them. The machines are a lot more beefy in areas that needed it from the 21-23 series. Final drives, belts, chains and axles are all how they should be. I would say if you like your 21 and know the machine and how to set it I would go with the 7088. I don't think you will gain much to any capacity with a 7010 over the 7088, but everyone's situation is different.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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