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7120 compared to 7088

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I don't know much about red combines as our family has always had green, currently a 9660 STS. I told the local red dealer to price us a 7120 and 7088. How do the two compare for reliability, performance, servicability, ease of setting etc.? I've spent most of my time researching Lexion verses the Deere. Since color doesn't really matter to me anymore I thought I'd compare the red as well. Is the 6088 smaller than the 9660 STS? Maybe I need to look at it as well?
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I'm not sure on specs of the 6088 but I have always thought it was a little smaller than the 9660. I think you would enjoy the 7120 more, I think it is nicer to operate.
6088's cleaning capacity is more than any of deere's...

the 88's are the solid and proven design of the 1480-2588 machines....

i would think overall most would agree they are the most reliable machine..... They are getting the new 20 series better and better...

Difference in a 7088/7120 is mainly u can reverse your rotor and a self leveling seive's...

U can get the seive adjustment in the cab on either if memmory serves me right...

rotor and cleaning capacity is the same on both im pretty sure.. its just which system do you want to run or ur used too...
I have always been green. 7700,9600,CTS.CTSII,9650,9660,9660Bullet. Traded for a 7120 with 35' draper. Harvested 1050acres of Barley and Wheat this summer. Glad I made the switch , would do it again.
The 7088 is a 6088 with more horsepower and I believe has a little larger grain tank. When you go to the 7120 you still have a 30 inch rotor but you have the active grain pan below the rotor instead of the auger bed like in the '88 series machines. You also have a slightly larger cleaning area (I can't remember the exact numbers) that self levels. The concave wrap is also larger on the 7120, I think 156 degrees compared to 128 degrees on the 6088/7088. Like Casefarmer said the 7120 has the CVT drives that let you reverse the rotor from the cab. They also have different cab designs between the '88 series and the '20 series. Was at an introduction meeting last fall for the new series and the Case rep basically said that the '88 series is the economical version and the '20 series has all the bells and whistles. However there are capacity differences to consider as well.
Mike was there anything that really stood out that you liked better..or worse.
if deere would catch on to those two key phrases, they would have a superthresher
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Then when you went to order your combine there would be a 10,000 dollar option for a STAGP (super threshing active grain pan)
Casefarmer you are exactly right, but only $10,000? Sounds a little cheap! Drago guy, why are you worrying about what John Deere isn't doing and go with the company that is doing? You John Deere guys amaze me, you will buy a thrid rate product as long as it is green. I don't care what color it is I want the best most efficient machine.
i didnt know deere was a third rate product
we have had zero trouble with the last two combines we have owned, and almost none with the ones before. i'm not ready to switch to something that MIGHT cut more, when neighbors around us running axial flows have so much more down time than we do. plus the guy we harvest for wont let a case on his farm. and thats tru.
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Down time? Just remember its not always the machines fault....

Any ideas on what there dealing with.. we roll combines with a neighbor and usually after 4 years its shot... sometimes the 4th year machine needs a few things fixed but besides that normally we might have 1 or 2 issues a year and nothing big...

also 2588's 2388's here...
for example, the guy i spray for bought a new 2588 and the bolts on the elephant ears were'nt even tight from the factory, neither were the bearings on the clean grain or the tailings elevator. also some electrical glitches, like one morning he turned on the separator and the unloading auger came on at the same time. that was a week befor the back axle broke in half. fellow down the road broke his unloading auger right off. rode with another guy in an 8010. i got in the cab with him and he turned the key to start it. nothing happened besides a click. i asked him if this happens often, he said, "ya, just one of the little glitches it has, we really like it when it works tho."
after about five minutes of clicking, it finally started. took off down the field and it started jumping between 2nd and 3rd gear. i asked him if it did this all the time too. he said, "ya, just another one of those little glitches it has, we really like it when its working tho." tell me, would you have been impressed?
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dont know much about the newer models. i think the 88's were decent machines for their money. in fact, a few of the guys around here grew for Frito-Lay and Frito wouldnt let anything but an axial flow shell their corn. but from what i've ran of them and seen, they are built a little on the light side. and a deere will sure run longer when the moisture comes on and the crop gets tough. not very easy to work on eithr. would like to run a 7010 tho. i think that looks like a nice machine.
Axial flows not easy to work on? usually you hear the opposite..

wow that does sound like a mess.....knock on wood nothing like that yet....
Okay, lets put the Deere aside so their are no arguements concerning green paint. For you CaseIH guys, why should I go with a 7120 or 7088 over a 560 or 570 Lexion? Claas claims they are built heavier and better than ALL the other paint colors. From what I have seen, been in Omaha a couple of times at the plant, the Lexion guys are probably right. Doesn't always mean its a better machine, but all I have ever run is green, 6620, 9500, 9510, 9660. Sell me the CaseIH based on what?
If your in Central Illinois the answer is DEALER SUPPORT!!!!!!

And its easier to work on (comeing from 2 guys who have worked on both)
I should have mentioned dealer support is equally good for both. NMC has really taken off with their ag dealerships including the Lexion line. Like many places, we have a red dealer every 20-30 miles.
I got ya....well then from the guys i know they just said its easier for them to work on.... You will be fine either way if both dealers are good... both are great machines..
I have a 7010 with 550 sep hrs on it. Have not touched it besides a few updates they put on and general maintainence. No breakdowns what so ever. I like the lexion, possibly the best combine out there. To many belts and chains, high price tag and no dealer support in this area.
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