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7120 engine

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I changed the oil on my 7120 today. I noticed on the engine sticker it reads 8.7L . I thought the 7120's have 9L engines.
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its a 549 engin if thats enny help???
549 cubic inches converts to 9 liters so something is wrong

The Iveco engine does not smoke on my 7010 and is better on fuel compared to a 2388 engine.
No you get the amazing, smoking Iveco gas guzzler!

I bet it would smoke with GAS?
Our 7010/7120 and 8010/8120 machines don't smoke. They also burn less fuel per acre than 2388 and deeres sts series in our conditions(rice, soybeans). The Iveco has been a GREAT engine so far.
Actually tier 3 versions will smoke some but if they are smoking excessive there is something wrong, stuck thermostat, bad injectors etc.
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