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7120 ore 8120

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We are thinking to upgrade our combine,s Currently have a 2188 and 2388 , both with 8 row 30 inch. We think of one combine that would do the same as the old two. The new one will have a 12 row 30 inch Geringhoff. Currently we move 800 tons per 12 hour day. So the question is 7120 ore 8120???? Thanx for your info
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if you are going to try to replace both machines, you better go with the 8120.
I would go with the 8120 if you can get one. By the way, I wish your cricket team would go home already. Not liking getting beat for the first time in a while!
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whats your availibilty in SA guys in aus talking a year to get one.
Farmertony, currently theirs 6 7120 's in the harbor, 4 of them is spoken for. In may 09 theirs another shipment due, 6 6088, 6 7088 ,6 7120, 4 8120 and one of your monsters, the dealer down here is really good, sell 177 combines last year, that gave case a 61% market share
Afxrotor, where are your location. I'm also in South Africa, Bultfontein.
I'd say go with the 8120 at least, maybe even the 9120.
in corn you might do as many as those two combines but beans u will slow down a bit...

on avg what are your yields??? what crops?
Bet a 9120 will ask tony.......Be close with a 8120 in corn.
Not yet, but we are going too. Leaving tommorrow to go back for two more loads.
The idea is to get one machine to do the crop, 3000 ha corn and 600 ha soys, the macine would be traded every second completed harvest thou
Our corn is average 7 tons/ha dry-land and 11 tons irrigation( 600 ha irrigation ) and about 3.2 ton/ha on soys
There is 2.47 acres in a hectare so 3000 x 2.47 =7410 of corn and 1482 acres of soys. Since he is using hectares I'm assuming he is using a metric tonne which is 2205 pounds approximately. Therefore 7 x 2205= 15435 pounds a hectare divide that by 56 (standard test weight of corn) gives you 275.625 bushels a hectare divided by 2.47 equals 111.5 bu/ac on dryland corn. The irrigated corn would yield around 175 bu/ac and the soys work out to roughly 47.6 bu/ac. With the soys you have to remember to divide by 60 instead of 56 because soys are 60 pounds to the bushel.

Clear as mud?
If I calculate correctly you are doing around 2700 bushel an hour. A 7120 will do that much with out even trying. If your dryland is averaging around 110 you couldn't even give it a workout with a 12 row head.
well i know for sure a 2399 with 12 row narrow and in 10 ton/ha corn, and running 4.5km is maxed out. The limiting factor is the sieves thou, not horsepower. A 99 is a 50 to 55 ton/hour machine, where the 7120 is a 75 t/h machine, but i think with a speed of 5.5 km/h it would also running on max
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MX110 the last part of that was clear but all mud before hand...

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