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7120 white smoke

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still having issue from time to time on 7120 when engine runs up to high idle with missing and blowing white smoke like crazy, engine seems to clear up and run fine once it reachec high rpm.. anyone else????
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check your fuel filters or change them
see if the problem goes away
I would agree with filters. Do you have a chip installed on engine?
Tis not starved for fuel or a filter problem. Factory is aware of problem and says it is a timing issue but no fix yet. My '07 7010 did it but for '08 they uploaded new software and the problem went away. but for some reason even w/ the update my 7120 is doin it. Put a load on it [start sep. and maybe push hydro ahead] helps but not always. If that fails throttle up as slow as you can. It is very intermitant. My 7120 has only done it 4 times.
concure with 1magnum1 timing problem that we resolved before with software waiting for tss to issue updates for ecu leave your engines idle at 1300 or above and rampup rpms slowly as said before it helps a lot and away you go
yeah we just ramp up slower and have no issues was just curious what you all thought thanks for the input
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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