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7480 keeps breaking spiral floor bolt

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7480 with about 50 c/h hours on it. I was checking things over after the first few days of chopping and I found the left side(if standing in front of the machine) front spiral floor mounting bolt was broken and the other 1 had completely backed out. I replaced it and reinstalled the floor hoping it was a fluke.
This morning I was doing service and found the bolt broken again.....same side. I'm confused. The spiral floor goes in's not jammed in there in anyway and all the bolt holes line up well. The side blocks do seem to pinch it a bit once I put those in but it doesn't appear to be bad.
Floor is set at highest position.
Any thought's or suggestions on this are appreciated.
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What are you chopping? It is stress on the frame, or heavy load, or foreign objects. Mostly, in upper position this doesnt happen because front end leans against shearbar bed. When the bolt carries the load/stress, it can break. Drill the front holes bigger, so the floor rests on the shearbar bed. Also better for crop stream if its not in the way. Mostly happens in grass. Why upper position?
Alfalfa and grass. I have it in the upper position when using the grass pick-up because of the higher harvesting height and it seemed to work best on my 6850, but i'm not sure of the proper setting on the 7000 series in grass. I believe the transition area of the 7000's is different so the highest position on the spiral floor may not be best? I need to spray paint a mark on the transition chute to verify exactly where the crop is hitting.
Due to heavy 1st crop conditions in grass I did run into a lot of heavy windrows and large clumps in certain conditions. I'll keep an eye on it and see if perhaps this may be the cause.
On a side note, when I was reinstalling the floor i noticed some side to side play where the front of spiral floor mounts in the frame. So I snugged each side finger tight, then when I was tightening the bolt on the left side I could feel the bolt trying to pull the floor to that side. When I went to tighten the other side the bolt felt very tight but I knew it wasn't and there was a gap between the floor and the frame. So I think the bolts may never have been tight which allowed movement of the spiral floor causing strain on the bolts leading to the failure. I removed the floor and welded a washer on each side of the floor where the bolts go through the front bolt holes, ground them down till the floor fit snugly(side to side) up in the frame. Now while tightening the bolts, I can finger tighten each side and when I put a wrench on them they snug right up tight immediately without trying to pull the floor one way or the other. Sorry for the long winded explanation. Hard to follow but hopefully it makes sense.
Thank you for the quick reply josverhees....good info...thank you.
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Thanks Jd7750! I thought josverhees had some pretty good info there.
A deere could really use the krone vari stream system in grass/pick up work
Install both 10mm front bolts with 271 or 277 Loctite. Install bolts so they are snug to cutterhead walls but not tight.
Hi there, We run a 7400 and run the spiral floor in lowest position for grass and near the top for maize to aim the crop at the KP properly.
While at its lowest position in grass we have never had a problem with plugging and it allows more room for lumps and peak loads to get through. Did the same on our 6950 also.
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