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7700 engine

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I am parting out a 7700 combine. I want to know if this engine is the same that was used in the 4020's? Any info would be great. Thanks, Tom
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Yes. It should be a 404 cid engine and that is what was used in 4020s. Check your operator's manual for sure, I recall all 7700s had the 404.
i helped a guy in our shop do this swap, took the engine out of the 7700 and put it in the 4020, only major difference was that the combine had a turbo
Thanks for the info. I am located in north central Il. I have a friend that has a 4020 with a spun bearing and was looking for another motor for it. I think he might swap engines and rebuild the original engine at a later time and put it back in. He said he wants to keep the tractor original but money is to tight now.
if i recall correctly the combine engine has fewer bolts on the clutch/flywheel flange?
The 4020 has a cast iron pan and the 7700 has a aluminum pan. The cast has bolts on the bottom.
that reminds me, we had to notch the block on the bell housing for the throttle linkage, also, if the tractor has 2 scv's the exhaust manifold will not fit. we had to cut them apart and weld two pieces together to make it fit
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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