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7700 in a 4020?

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Our 4020 engine siezed up. It was a powershift with the controls on the dash. I have heard you can put an engine out of a 7700 combine into it. Anyone else heard that?
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Yes it can be done. I replaced a gas engine in a 4010 with an early 7700 combine engine. Runs great.
Did you have to make any major modifications to the tractor or engine.
It was a long time ago. I think we had to modify the throttle linkage, and added a battery box since the gas engine only had (1) battery.
i helped one of the guys at the shop do this very thing last spring. the biggest hangup that he had, was that the tractor had 2 scv's, and the 7700's exhaust manifold didn't fit, had to cut it apart and weld in part of the manifold off of the old engine onto the the "new" engine's manifold,
he also had to rework the air intake tubes for the turbo, besides that, it was just some linkages and some wiring, nothing too major

he ran a straight pipe off the turbo, wasn't loud at all and sounded pretty cool
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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