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7720 guestions

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we use to own a 7720 back when they first came out. i got out of grain farming for several years. a few years ago i started back up. i only have about 500 acres. i have been using an F3 for the last few years. i was able to purcahse a 7720 Titan II this year. can someone that has experince with a 7720 give me a few pointers or advice you think i should know about it? also is there any weak spots that you would recomend ordedring spare parts for and having on the shelf?

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I've run a 7720 II since 2000. Some things I've done for corn and soybeans. Added a fixed air foil chaffer and really increased the machine's capacity. New rasp bars and a hi capacity concave helped too. I have grain extensions for 200bu capacity and use duals for muck ground. As with any machine, keep the engine compartment clean of grain dust.

An important lesson I learned last year is how to properly grease the intermediate cylinder drive belt (lower sheive). Slow cyl down all the way, take breather plug out of lower sheive, grease zerk in back of shieve until grease comes out of breather hole (do not use the zerk in front), install breather plug, run cyl. speed up and down a couple of times and refill grease in the same previously described manner.

7720 II are good machines. With the airfoil chaffer, I run 4+mph in 180bu corn and 643 head, and I use a 920 head in beans and wheat. Good luck with the machine, you'll like the capacity over your previous setup.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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