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7720 II chaffer frame

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i broke the chaffer support frame last night, but caught it before breaking the chaffer. any tips on replacing it or other things to check? going to replace it with a loewen part; supposed to be heavier and a heck of a lot cheaper than the deere one. chaffer is a loewen so i imagine that is why it did not break like a deere one!
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Kind of a notorious breakage on the 20's from what I hear. Worst part about replacing it, is getting it out so far in front of you and trying to hold it up and stoop down under the walkers as you start to slid it in. And mine was a 4420, so I'm thinking yours is bigger! Maybe someone has some cool tips about getting it in there, but I just man handled mine. Just check the shaker bushings and stuff like you noramally would, other than that good luck with your new part.
My 7720 did the same thing. My Deere dealer put a drive sprocket from a Turbo machine on my Titan II to slow the chaffer down. That solved the problem. Any Titan II that went through this dealership automatically got the different sprocket. I bought mine out of Indiana from the original owner who took extreme care of the machine. I traded for a 9500 and that was a good move. Did you hear about the 9500 in NW OH that brought 68K at auction yesterday? Just the machine! had the sale.
mine had the slower sprocket on it from previous owner, suppose that is why the original frame lasted 5800 hours.
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