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7720 Seperator Engaging Itself

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Our 7720 Titan II will engage the seperator on its own. Sometimes sitting at idle and sometimes at WOT when traveling down the road to another field. Most of the time when traveling across the field or going down the road it will just start grabbing and squalling instead of full out engaging. Also when disengaging the seperator you can hear the belt slapping/thumping against the belt traps. So far I've tried tightening the traps up tighter (around 1/8"), putting the traps out as far as they will go, adjusting them up to the specs in the operators manual (1/4"), installing a new seperator belt, adjusting the seperator belt tension via the turnbuckle and watching the sheetmetal gauge. I cannot figure this thing out. What else is there? This just started out of the blue when cutting wheat this year and has steadily gotten worse. Any ideas?
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Is the engagement lever coming back all the way when you disengage it? Our 8820 was famous for not coming back all the way and doing what you describe. Under the seat and shield there is a linkage there that gets built up with chaff and stops the lever from coming back all the way. The only way to fix it is to reach in and remove the chaff by hand. Since the chaff gets compressed it is really difficult to get the chaff out. Just try to follow the linkage and you could find where its building up.
be careful when you find the spot he is talking about.when I would pull my hand back out I would always cut myself coming out.
Yea thanks cornerpost i should have mentioned it also. I have the scares to prove it too lol
Had same buildup on my 7720's and also some blood loss when cleaning out!
It was indeed dust/chaff/crap built up around the linkage. Lever comes all the way back to the console now instead of 2" or so away. Also engages alot further out too. Thanks guys.
Your welcome
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