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Jordan, I run a 7721 Titan 2, and pull it with a JD 4840, and it will nearly do as much as a 9600, the only thing that limits me is the 8 spd PS. My dad has the 9600, and when we're doing wheat and barley, the 7721 will nearly keep pace. The only place that I've found that it struggles is in durum, if it's light or has lots of beards. My straw walkers have a different size hole in them compared to the 9600, so that is something to keep in mind when looking at a walker machine. The 7721 has bigger holes than the 9600.

Manuverability is hands down to the SP. No matter what you do, the PT is an awkward beast.

So I believe the 7721 will outdo a 9400.
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