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8.1 Crankshaft update

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How many of you have had a crankshaft update or are supposed to get one before fall? We are currently doing 1 and have 3 or 4 more to do before fall on top of our normal work load, which has been super busy for summer. The combine we are currently working on (which also happens to be a relitives combine) probally wouldn't have made it through corn harvest this year. One of the rod bearings had a nasty grove right in the center. Unsure if the crankshaft had a shaving on it during assembly or what went on. Has any one else seen anything failing during crankshaft pip?
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there has been heaps of greif with this area of the engine right from the tractors, sprayers and commbines.

I have seen that happen in several 8.1 Engines. We have changed hundreds of crankshafts as dealers, and Deere should/has covered all the problems the faulty cranks have caused. However, in our territory, deere set certain time frames to have the PIPS done and if they werent done by then, no pay.
This was a HUGE problem in '05. All the 8.1L John Deere motors had a crank recall on them, as they lost numerous motors to failure. They used the 8.1L motor in all their product line that would have been in that horsepower range. If you look back I'm sure there is all you need to know on probably page 1 or 2 as this site was created in May of '05 just as the new machines/motors were field bound, so there's plenty of info if you read back.
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