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8010 case lateral tilt

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hi, we are looking at a 8010 08 model-- was wondering if lateral tilt was a good idea when using a 36 ft draper header? if equipped can header be set in float mode and go? dealer is trying to sell me one without lateral capability--our land is fairly flat but we do have some land with hills and rolly terrain--thks ray
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The tilting feeder house is a big help when installing the head on uneven ground. It is a big help when moving short distances on roads to miss mailboxes and small cars. The draper has it's own floating tilt system so you don't need the tilt feederhouse for in the field.
agree with mike216 ray i could not live with out the lateral; tilt work just the best we have a 07 7010 with 35ft and is great for getting through gates and over fences.
I thought tilt was standard on them. Maybe just the Australian spec.
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Lateral tilt is standard on the 8120's but you can delete it and save a few grand. Don't know about the 8010's.

Mike216, you must have some pretty flat land, can't imagine not using it in the field here.

Randerson, if you are cutting close to the ground you will enjoy it. If the header and the combine are equipped then it will automatically tilt, raise and lower the header for you.
the only heads are are compatible for the auto float option and it will work are the 2162 or d-70 macdon. the 2152 or D60 macdon it runs off of one sensor which it gets its readings from the tilt of the cutter bar. cutter bar starts to tilt back feeder will lift. it will not do the lateral tilt for you automatically. we are told by macdon not to but the float optimizer on the 2152 or d60 heads cause it does no good.
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