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8010 combines vs 7088

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I was wondering if anybody has seen the two side by side in a wheat field and has anybody put a 8010 on a 30% slope yet?
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The 7088 and 7010/7120 are class 7 machines, but that is only a HP rating. The sieves are larger on the 7010/7120.

An 8010 is going to have more capacity than a 7088.

As for running on a slope, just look for posts made by the user "98j" on here. They have a 8010 that gets to run on some pretty steep stuff. Beautiful pictures.
There is only a 5% (nominal) difference between a 7120 and 7088's cleaning area.
However, its a phenomenally different system, as the 7088 uses bed augers to transfer the Grain and MOG to the sieves, while the 8010/7010/7120 uses an active grain pan. The stratification as opposed to mixing of the sieve material should result in better performance from the 7120.
Exactly. It has the grain pretty much seperated from the MOG before it hits the pre-sieve. The heavy grain is on the bottom while the lighter material is on the top ready for that air blast.
As long as the case isn't overloading one side of the shoe. (it has to be set right)
Are you talking the pinch point of the rotor mbfarmer?
An advantage that Lexions have had for years.
Self Leveling sieves are something case has had for a long time as well... a nice advantage...
well, Case got it when they merged. NH had it a long time...
well atleast we got something out of that merger....

NH sure did gain a bunch...
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well, case got a decent haying lineup as well.

Case only got SLS with the 8010, not really a long time at all.
Yeah Magnum and Steiger
We got the crap.
At least we have Puma now to fill that gap below 200hp - shaping up to be quite nice tractor
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It's not like the Hesston lineup was that terrible either.
Hesston was fantastic - big square balers especially
Im confused you don't like the magnum and steigers????
98j Sure like the pic's of the 8010 are you running a draper header or auger
Sorry I confused you.
I meant that NH got our good stuff - Magnum & Steiger. Best powershift tractors you can buy IMO.
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Combine, guys. Combines.
I haven't seen a 7088 and 8010 in the same field, but I have seen them in corn. Both with 12 row heads, 8010 walked away.
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