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8010 Door

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This weekend I was away and our hired hand was running our 8010. He is a very trustworthy hired hand and I know what he says did happen. At the end of the day he came into the yard and left the door open and the machine idling, he walked around to the back and was putting fuel in it. He said midway through fueling he heard what sounded like an explosion when he came around the front of the combine the driver door had shattered and there was nothing left. Just wondering if anyone else had heard of this and if there may be something on the hinge that is out of adjustment putting stress on it. Anyways more or less I just thought this was interesting and was wondering what you all thought. Happy harvest to all!
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Sounds strange. I have seen doors broken on two NH combines, but just thought this was some operator fault, I just did not ask... Nothing on CIH
First of all, aren't you supposed to shut the engine off when refueling?

He heard the glass break on the other side the combine over an idling engine?

In 05 I had a front windshield break on a 9860.
In 75 a back window broke on a 800 Versatile.
No known cause in either case but in both cases they were working at the time.

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Maybe some prankster doing a little target practice? Anything is possible with people these days
Just ask your dealer, or if you choose, call my local dealer and ask how many doors have been purchased for the 70/8010 and others of the same design over the last 4 or 5 years. It will drop you jaw. I cant count the number of doors the local dealer has sold just to the machines in a 3 mile radius of me.

Once they ran out of stock in parts, they caniballized the new machines on the lot. If you sneeze with the air conditioner on, it can blow the door to pieces. And fom what they all tell me, it does sound like a large explosion. You can supposedly hear it over the machine running.
Never heard of one around here yet in a 7010/8010. Have heard of a few 2100/2300 doors though. I know if tools are stored on the cab floor instead of the toolbox and they just touch the door/windshield once you are in for trouble. Won't necessarily break at that time either.
We have run an 8010, now 8120, every year since they came out and we have never broke a door. We do trade every year though so maybe we have just gotten lucky and they break after we trade. I haven't heard of any issues from our dealer. You guys are making me nervous since you need to slam the door to get it to seal correctly.
redfarm I agree, it makes me nervous since everytime I close it i have to slam it. Ya but who really shuts the engine off to refuel if it is midday. The cab would be hot, if he had shut the door. I don't know oh well Case ended up warrantying it. Even if we had to buy the door from our local dealer it was $357 and that didn't sound too bad.
Talked to a guy last weekend who had the door on his new 9870 Deere blow out in the shop while doing some work. Last fall had the back window of our MX285 blow out while unloading on the go during harvest. Sometimes things just happen.
As my brother Larry would say, safety first unless it gets in the way of production. And in this example, comfort.
Um, I don't shut it off either.

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We had our 8010 door explode when one worker climbed up it to look in the tank. Had a spx 4410 explode standing in the yard not moving on a Sunday. Don't know if it was presser or a little boy with a sling shot. But I never found a rock and the glass fell straight down. A Friend had a class chopper window blow from presser standing in his shed.
8010when, how did you get one for that price? we had a door blow out on a 2388 a few years ago and it was over 1300
You guys that slam the door......we pull the door closed and then pause to let the pressure equalize inside and out before giving it a quick little slam shut
That's just the price I was quoted on the door, not sure why it was that cheap but it suprised me as well. Goalie you do have a point I opened the right hand door and tried closing the left one and it closed easy. The pressure is the problem.
My dealer has at least 2 or 3 windows to replace a week on the STX tractors. They actually keep a few instock.
I know of one farmer 20 or so miles west of me that changed to green tractors and one of his main reasons is that the rear windows on his MX 285's kept breaking. He said after a few of his drivers got covered in shards of safety glass he had to do something or someone was going to get hurt.
Not at all uncommon, and they can break at the most puzzling times. We had this happen during testing of these machines (both NH and Case) and various door (curvature, for lack of a better word) designs were attempted. Essentially, the curve of the door does not exactly match the mating curve of the cab frame. This is so that the door, when closed and latched, is stressed to avoid that annoying air leaking sound at the top and bottom of the door, the farthest location from the latch. I'm not an expert in cab and glass design, but to the extent to which I was involved, only thing we could come up with was that the glass was subject to some kind of fatigue. Final approved design was a compromise between longevity and effective sealing. Dirty cab air filters do make the doors difficult to close, and may worsen the problem by forcing operators to really slam the door (excessively) hard.
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I like the kiss theory, but in this case maybe some extra parts are needed. How about using a mechanism similar to some 80-90's GM trunk closers where you just had to lightly latch the door and then the motor would close the door nice and controlled.
These big glass doors do require quite a slam most often.

How about integrated decompression hole that is open when you squeeze the door handle when shuttiing it.
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