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8010 feeder issues

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06 8010 with drago 12r30, having trouble feeding ears over 4mph, drum is in the up position, feeder is on 600rpm, installed drago gearing kit for 8010. Didnt trade my 2388 12row ready for 8010 to drive the same speed. Anyone running a non chopper drago on an 8010 with the same problems. Neighbor runs case head on 08 8010 claims he can run 6 mph in 200 bu with no feeding issues.
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i'm sure he can I had a 12 row drago on my 8010 for one pass. it would not feed at all. I was told they're was a kit for it, to make it feed better
Get the kit from your Drago dealer to elevate your lower feeder drum stop. It looks like a set of rectangular bars that replace the factory drum stops on your 8010. Also, be sure that your head is running pretty flat. With the front skids just touching the ground, the rear skids should be 4-ish inches up. It should feed well with these settings. If you are still having issues, let me know & I'll try to help you figure out the issue.
Last year was first year with a new 6 row Drago on 1660. Didn't feed well into feeder at all. Drago sent me new stops to raise feeder drum but didn't put them in this fall. Put in a Posifeed Drum frow Loewen. Totally solved problem for me.

Had a rock drum before. Fed fine with my old head (1000 series) The drago head is farther away from feeder chain and the auger just doesn't seem to get the ears of corn pushed under the drum as well and the feeder chain bars couldn't grab the material enough to move it up the feeder.
I have a drago 8 row on a 7010 and I had feeding problems especially when there was dew on or light rain. I installed drago feeder drum stops which came with the head. Problem was cured.
thanks for the input, I'm new to the site, has great information from people with field experience. I'll have to wait till next year to try those stops.
Also may need to look at putting some extra links in feeder chain to push the drum farther out.

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