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8010 Good Deal or not? 2007

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My neighbour bought a used 2007 8010 with 740 hours on it, for $187,000 CD...or about $155,000 U.S. dollars. This included the pickup header. This was a cash deal, no trade no financing. Combine ran well all of 2008 harvest. I seen a copy of the bill of sale, and am wondering if that is the going price, as I see them advertised for much higher. I have a chance to purchase the same model (2007 8010) with 800 hours on it, for about $174.000 Cd. or $144,000 U.S. also with a pickup header, and was wondering if this is a good deal or not. Not familiar with these machines at all.
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Just take a look at 8010's for sale, compare the price/hours vs. what you're wanting and you'll see the value expected.
To begin with I thought the CD was worth almost the same as US dollar?

As for the combine again it depends on the dealer and the support they can give you. I run an 07 machine and that model year appears to be a good year for the 8010's.

If it's a dealer machine what I'd do is let the dealer talk up how good the combine is and how it has all the updates and then I hit him up for as long a warranty as I could get out of him..
The CAD turned south the same time all the other commodities did, our dollar is tied to the price of oil, so when it tanked so did the dollar, right now your dollar is better by about 25%.

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