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8010 grain pan installation

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Need any tips you have on installing grain pan w/o removing sieves in back.
Had to cut up old pan to get it out.
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Not gonna happen. You have to remove the upper and lower rear shoe weldments to get the new pan in. Even with the upper and lower shoes out its an extremely tight fit. Been there done that and it sucks to put it nicely. Just don't do like I did and finally get the grain pan in place and realize that you forgot to press in the rubber isolators.
Do you mean the rubber at front of pan that has 3 c-sunk bolts to hold each one in. Or the side rubber that is riveted in place by 8 rivets each side or is there something else?

Aware of one man that riveted after installation. Thought he had more clearance that way.

Thanks for reply even though not good news.
we have never had to drop the shoes out of the combine to do it. it will come out the back over the top of the sieve
Not feeling any love from the 8010. Tried to set new grain pan in above the sieves and could not move past about a foot into combine. I unhooked back linkage on shoe to drop it about an inch. You must have some trick. Please share as I am missing what needs to be done. Removing shoe looks like tough job. Thanks
It will fit. When we had an 8010 we pivoted the chopper up out of the way, then drill all the rivets that hold the rubber seals on the sides of the upper sieves. Remove the rubber seals and it will slide in the back. It's tight, but fits. Did ours this way and also helped a neighbor do his the same way. It's not that bad, just need two sets of hands.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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