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8010 header adapter

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Does anybody know if there is an adapter available to mount a 1020 straight head(30ft), to a 8010? We bought a new header last summer, then changed the combine during harvest. I really don`t want to trade headers and get stroked again at the dealer. Yes, a 35 or 36 ft header would be nice, but the $`s are getting a little too tight to want to spend anymore! Thanks
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My NH dealer in Brandon MB hasmodified several 971 headers to fit the cr's. The 971's were originally mounted on TR's so if your handy with a welder and a torch it should be do able.

They told me they would modify my 971 to fit a CR for around $3000.

Good luck

The head will have to be torched/welded to make it fit, Bish had a kit available but it looks like they no longer have it looking at their website.
The new 88 series combines will fit a 1020 but the feeder face is swapped to the old style along with other pieces. The 88 face opening is too narrow for the 8010 and the price of the 88 conversion is high enough I am told that trading the head for a 2020 is a better alternative.
im kinda with redhat..... u could even find a slightly used 2020 that someone traded in on a draper....

by the time you do finally convert over u might have equalled or went over the budget on just tradeing for a 2020..
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