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07 8010. Running in 26-28% corn in wet but not muddy conditions and combine does not want to run 4mph and when uloading on the go it falls on its face!!!Now I will say that this particular # of corn is picking awfully dirty as there is a lot of trash going through the machine. Yield was 190-240 wet bu. I was running 100% power at 4mph and 43 boost. when i unload it goes to 120% power and up to 48 boost , this is at 3-3.5 mph. I changed from boost to power rise and can't say that I noticed any diff. at all. In fact it feels like I HAVE NO BOOST!!!I have changed fuel filters and nothing changed. I have changed rotor and coc but generally run 360 and 6-7 on clearance. Is something wrong or are the conditions creating my problems?
I have never had to go this slow before with this mach. But what puzzles mre is that I have all kinds of boost!! Any ideas guys??
I am running round bars this yr but that won't pull harder will it???
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