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Long time lurker here, first time poster. we have just received our new to us 07 8010 with a pro 600 monitor. I have an outback e-drive with hyd block that came with my sprayer that is sitting on the shop bench. After many phone calls, I've been told that all I need is a computer cable (can't remember part #) to add outback signal to pro 600 for mapping capabilities
Has anybody done this? If so did it work or should a guy just buy the factory one for approx $1250? We will be running with our other 2188 with no map capability, so is it a waste to map 2/3of the filed? any info greatly appreciated. i have learned a ton of info from this board for the last two years, just to shy to speak! we will be running a 40" D60 on the front, and 14' pickup head to pick up a 39' swath, looking forwards to harvest. There is a combine guy coming out on friday to teach us more about the fine tuning, but I pretty certain someone here will know also.
thaks again
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