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Just finished doing a little welding on my 8010. Noticed a while back a rattle in the rethresh clean grain elevator area and could not find it until today. The bracket that holds the tensioner pulley on was broke right off and the pulley was just sort of hanging there. I think we have done 500 or more acres since I first noticed this rattle and I only found it because I grabbed the pulley to check the tension on the 200 hr check. It sits up there a certain way that it won't fall out but it is broke off so you might want to have a look. That's 2 1/2 strikes for the 8010 and some cheap a** weld jobs and lack of steel. Had to fix the spreader divider as it was about to come apart, fix the chopper knife holder as it was busted all to pieces and now this. Time for these boys to put a little more steel and a little less engineer in them.
Anyway if you are hearing a rattle back there have a look, I thought it was a loose elevator chain off the start.
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