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8010 rotary screen issues

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I have an 07 8010 as well as an 07 2588. On both machines in corn with a chopping head, the rotary screen becomes plugged from bees wings (red corn chaff) and the machine will begin to heat. The 8010 has an electronic switch that limits the machine so as to not fry the engine. On the 2588, it did the same thing and the dealer put on the update kit which consisted of a brush and different style screen (black with perforations and the edge). The 2588 was purchased in 07and the kit was put on that fall. The 8010 I bought last in 08 with zero hours, but it had the old style screen. When asked if it would perform during our corn harvest, the dealer said we would have to try it. It did the same thing as the 2588 did (good thing for the "dummy" switch because I was trying to fry the d**n thing I was so mad), and in the end we had to pay half of the cost of the kit, approx. $3500. So, if you run corn and red machines with a chopping head make sure the machine comes with the new rotary screen.
All in all, I have ran Case IH since 1990 and they have been great to my harvesting operation, but this screen deal really made me mad because the CNH engineers have known about this problem since early 2007, but the dealers keep selling these machines with the old screen. Anyone else have this issue? I farm and harvest in the Dakotas and Minnesota, but I have heard of this problem in Illinois and Iowa as well.
Thanks for your time and I love this website.
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what kind of kit did you put on the 8010? a steel one like the 20's have?
We also have an 07 2588 but we ordered ours with the vacuum system (or whatever it's called). I think it was about a $1000 option but don't quote me, it was a couple years ago. Everything stays very clean but we don't run a chopping corn head. Can't figure out why anyone would do that. The new series combines have the better air system as standard equipment.
I had an 06 2388 with an 2608 chopping head and had to blow rotary screen out ever three hrs. Traded for 08 8010 put rotary screen brush in and it worked ok but during the days running the temp. would go up two bars. Every morning I had to blow out the rotary screen. The flat part of screen would be pluged up, were the brush ran was clean. The brush runs when you unload grain tank. On my 8120 I put the brush and vacum system on it. I live in south central Ky.
4thgenharvester I had the same trouble on my 03 2366 with the side air screen. Running a harvestec chopping corn head espesially in damp or rainny conditions, and in high moisture corn. Put new brushes on helped some but still not like it should be. I have replaced the rubber seal on the outside once a year since i 've had it. If I don't replace it the air cleaner gets and radiator gets plugged real quick. Going to trade this year and going to make sure it has the evacuator on the screen with the brushes on it.
We actually know this problem very well! The reason isn't the bees wings alone, the wet dust from the chopping head additional makes all the rotaty air screens plug ( especially in green stem corn). We've got this problem on the 2388 and the 8010 we ran, and even on the new 9010 it is the same. CIH canged the fan to a 9blade one, tried a another air screen, tried another radiator, nothing helped.
We run Geringhoff cornheads, and the interresting thing is that the normal Rota Disc head makes no problems, but this one with the additional chopper ( works as a lawn mower, not available in US market) always produces that much wet dust to plug the screen.
I hope that the new system from the new 88 series will work, otherwise you have to clean the screens several times a day!!!

The CIH rotary screen must be different than NH, never had any trouble with the chopping head with the CR. Is it the location of screen or is there different principles.
i know the vaccum system is out we haven't installed any, will ckeck in morn, don't remember, screens were a problem, someting got changed, seal around screen is a concern, other thing open door on rad compartment, in middle of compartment looking down, should be a plastic plug about three inches in diameter is it in there, have had quite of few machines this has happened to, scott.
do you have fine or coarse srceen kit, all our machines have fine mesh, front screen # 87301194, side section 86988943, rotary screen brush kit 87297724, scott.
I had the fine mesh, then the update was the black screen with a brush kit that engages when you run the unloader. The 2588 had the vaccuum kit installed in the fall of 07. The seal around the screen had given us problems when it would get hot during the day, and as it cooled at night it formed like hard glue and the screen would not turn. That was scary because I thought the motor for running the screen was bad, but that is how hard the rubber had melted during the day.
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