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We actually know this problem very well! The reason isn't the bees wings alone, the wet dust from the chopping head additional makes all the rotaty air screens plug ( especially in green stem corn). We've got this problem on the 2388 and the 8010 we ran, and even on the new 9010 it is the same. CIH canged the fan to a 9blade one, tried a another air screen, tried another radiator, nothing helped.
We run Geringhoff cornheads, and the interresting thing is that the normal Rota Disc head makes no problems, but this one with the additional chopper ( works as a lawn mower, not available in US market) always produces that much wet dust to plug the screen.
I hope that the new system from the new 88 series will work, otherwise you have to clean the screens several times a day!!!

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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