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8010 to 8120 with tracks

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I am considering a new 8120 with tracks. What are some options that are must have and what are some you can do with out. What is everyones opinions on the HID lights are they worth the money? What kind of trade difference should I be looking at what going from and 08 8010 to a new 8120 with tracks.
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The HID lightws are worth every cent .
From what I have heard the track option is about 50 grand.... Not sure though. Our mechanic said that Case really beefed up the machines compared to the '10 series.
We converted our 7010 to HID lights very cheaply by buying them at our local auto parts store. They sold complete little units (with ballasts) that fit in the existing headlamps. Saved quite a bit of money doing that. They work great!
what was the store and do you remember what they called it or what the parts number is.. you just unplugged the existing and plugged these in?
case number of hid kit is 84084476, scott.
Still have the lexion 575, but nobody wanted to run the gps, autoguide, pro600, in one of the last 8010's made uncle traded for last fall after harvest.............So after running a lexion in beans for the last 8 years, Im back in a black air filled rubber doughnut machine. i do like the 8010, its a good machine.

Here's my personal feeling: Absolutly no combine should have tires underneath 30,000 pounds of weight. We have 710 metric duals for the tires, and they do ok, but for ride, stabillity, driving down the road, and even machine storage, tracks are hands down, not even worth arguing about, FAR, FAR, more superier than tires. I know the rice guys know what they are doing with mud, and they have tires to get what they want done, but up here, in mud, you can easily spend 2/3 rds of 50 grand to get ya through the mud, but you still wont get what I mentioned above.

FWIW: The track option on the 20 series comes with an 18,000 dollar mudhog..........just like lexions.

IMO: If it were my money, I know where it would go.

I'll respect others opinions if they have equivelent experience as mine on this subject.
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It looks like the option costs $58,239 but you subtract $4,670 for no drive tires taken and don't pay for $2,736 extensions like you would for duals. Plus duals are a $9,390 option so you are talking $41,433 more for tracks then 620r42 duals. If i were in a posistion to buy a new machine i'd probably go for that. I whould also see if i could order it with out the rotor and install a PFParts right away, i hear they are awesome in pretty much everything... probably gonna try one next year, money permitting.
Can you add factory extentions to the 8120? I assume they hold approx 350 from the factory. Is there any issues with adding more weight?
I was refering to the axle extensions. They do come with a 350 bushel extension, i believe it can be upped to 425 by mauerer and crary.
tire to tracks hp wise is bout close to nill..........though you are right, it will take more ponies away.
The store was just a local store (not a chain). I don't know the brand or part number, but I'll ask my brother about it and get back to you.
Keep in mind that tracks pull much harder that duals, so going from an 8010 to 8120 w/tracks will be a small step down in capacity if your harvesting requires the full hp. Don't know what the exact hp is that the tracks use but does make quite a difference.
Okay what we did is take one of the light bulbs from the combine to an auto aftermarket place and they found an HID kit that matched it, complete with ballast that fits in our lamps. We bought 6 lights for less than half of what Case wanted for 2 lights. I'm not sure what aftermarket place we went to (this is Canada), but if you can find any auto place that sells HID kits I'm sure they can find a match for your combine as well.
I guess my question would be is having tracks necessary? Are you just looking to upgrade?Do you farm a lot of heavy soil? I guess my point in trying to make is I'd you can really justify spending the extra money for tracks then IMO then do it as long as you have a need for them. I personally think the tracks are "cool" I think tracks can be beneifical in some ways but if you don't need them then why spend the extra money? When harvesting 3.00 corn? I don't mean to sound smug just giving some food for thought. Either way good luck with your choice I'm sure you will be happy.
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