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8010 won't shift down into 1st gear on hydro

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I have taken the motor off and tried shifting it manually like the book says. What is my next step and has anyone else heard of this before?
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If it will shift into any other gear, your issue is with the shift position sensor or something mechanical. To narrow it down, use the manual actuation of the shift motor in the diag screen. The combine engine will have to be off to do this. Have somebody watch the shift position on the indicator on the top of the trans while you press the touch screen to manually actuate it. Watch the amp bar graph, when it goes way up, let up on the button immediately - you will blow a fuse if you hold it too long. It should be possible to move it from 1st to 4th this way. If it will not move all the way, it is most likely mechanical and requires internal investigation. If you can get it to move all the way, both ways, check the shift position sensor (the kidney bean shaped thing on top of the transmission). If it doesn't sense that it is in a gear, it won't let you go in that gear to protect the transmission, and for safety. These do go bad. They are comprised of five separate switches and one can go bad while the others continue to operate.
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Removing it is not a terrible job, the thing is just really heavy. I'm not sure that I'd want to do the job out in the field. Without knowing more, I'd sure suspect electrical before mechanical based on my past experience.
My mistake, I'm so used to electrical issues, that I suppose my brain jumps there first.

If you have removed the shift motor and put a wrench on it and it will go into all gears but 1st, then it sure does sound mechanical and internal.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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