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Saw 2 8120's this last week that had the main cab power harness melted and burned for about 12" right where it makes the bend underneath chopper bearing bracket and follows pipe up and heads to cab. It also melts the clear service drain line. Tried to inspect cable sheath for abrasions causing a short but couldnt find anything. The only thing close there that would casuse wearing would be those squeeze style clamps on the drain lines. Noticed on a third combine a drain line that looked like it had a heat spot on it but no signs of burning. Dont know what to think about causing this. Dou you think hot grease dripping out of a bearing could do this? Its right in line with this area.
BEarings looked visibly fine.

When cutting harness open found the wires were right blue. No fuses in cab blown and all functions work.

One was a Y9G and YBG serial number. Right around 1000 threshing hours.
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