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8120 Calibrate header ground height sensors

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Hello has anybody had this message pop up on monitor? CALIBRATE HEADER GROUOND HEIGHT SENSORS. I did a feeder calibration with header off, then I attached the MacDon D60 header and lowered it to the ground for 3 seconds then all the way up and it still doesn't fix the issue. I attached the combine to the pickup header and the message disappears. As soon as I unhook pickup head the message comes back. I can't figure this one out. Any ideas? Thanks
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See if you can find the sensor in the diagnostics and see if the voltage changes as you push the header down such that the indicator moves from 1 to 4. If the voltage doesn't change, it could just be a bad height sensor (just an expensive potentiometer) on the header. I think the sensor is somewhere under the white indicator.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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