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8120 Corn Head Question

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I got a new 8120 last fall (in the middle of harvest). Traded a 2006 2388 for it. I had a 2212 that the dealer converted over to fit on the 8120.

Now, does anyone know for sure the differences between the 2212 and the 3412. Specifically pertaining to the face plate angle on the heads. The dealer says that the 3412 is angled different than the 2212.

The 2212 head seems to be at a pretty steep angle to the ground when I am running. I am thinking this is causing some feeding problems and some loss that could be avoided. The faceplate on the combine has been adjusted by the dealer. Help me out guys, let me know what you have experienced with your combine!
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isumatt if i were you i would stay with your old head for now. they have problems with the 3400 series heads i know that from are going to be doing a 45 hour update on the 3400 heads.that is because they know they have trouble the problem with the new one is they made the stalk rolls longer and went back to bearing on the end and it is flexing causing the knives to move far as the head angle they are the same. we have worked with case the last two years on trying to fix problems. they have put rods between rows to try to stiffen them up bolted heavy angle on out side rows. believe me i am not just making this stuff up. we had to use a 2200 series head just to finish up this year. until they get problem solved i would stay with what you have. i know some farmers machines run flawless but caseih would not be having this big update if they did not have problems.if you think you have feeding and head loss now don't buy a new one till they get it fixed. i am sure they will solve problems and make it right with customers but i just think they did not do enough testing before they released the 3400 heads. well good luck in what ever you go with
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I have a 8 row 38in 2208 that we converted to fit an 8010. Have harvested 3 crops with it so far it works fine you do have to move the faceplate on the combine all the way back then move it back to the middle for the 2020 my other combine has a macdon draper I leave it back all the time and just set the angle with the fore and aft
8010, what does this 45 hour update involve? Asked my dealer about it and the service mananger knew of some small updates, but nothing that would take 45 hours. Just traded for a new 3412 which will have all available updates before harvest, but you've got me a little nervous now.
Ev, my 3412 worked great, I asked my dealer about an update today and their is no 45 hour update yet just small ones like your service manager said.
We ran a 3412 on our 8120 this year. got along fine, no problems. Our dealer said the updates were for the 2008 models, did not know of any major updates for the 09 models
i don't know what to tell you guys in december we met with case engineers they were the people that gave us the info on the updates and they are on 09 models also. maybe if you are not haveing problems they are not going to do it on your heads i dont no what to tell ya. i know for a fact that there are alot of them that are going to be getting the mods done on them. one of them are putting angle brace on outside rows to stop flexing, the other is inbetween row units a adjustable rod to push and keep row units knives from seperating apart. heavier drive coupler on stalk rolls, and a few minor things but there is a major mod to be done and what ever they may be telling you i know they are doing these mods. our service rep at our dealer has already been told about it. the only thing i can say about those of you that have not had trouble is you have been lucky. like i said before i am sure they will take care of there problems but just think they did not do enough testing. im not trying to bad mouth caseih because we love red equipment just saying problems we and others have had.
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I do hope they improve the row unit some. Like if u rip off the right side snout it shouldn't twist the d**n row unit frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides that we got along great with our 3408. 2010 corn head..
rumor has it a cornhead redesign will occur in the next 3-5 years from wehat i have heard from my sources since my 1063 corn head needs replaced
well i was at my dealer yesterday and he told me he got a email telling him that they will be starting the updates on the 3400 series heads shortly.
Our dealer took our 3212 back in after harvest to do some work on it. When we asked the other day as to whether it was done or not the service manager said they wanted to keep it as there is an update coming next month.

Last fall CIH sent an engineer down to meet with us about some problems we were having with the 3212. He took several pics of areas we felt could be improved. At the time he said there were some updates in the works, including a couple things we complained about, but didn't say when they would be coming out. I'm hopimg the updates addresses those problems
well glad to see there are some other dealers that keep up on things also like ours does. i am so sick of all these guys saying they talked to there dealer and there is no updates coming on these heads. they act like we are making up all this bs. apparantly they should call there dealers and asked what they found out when they went to combine training this winter. this is when our dealership was told about everything they are going to be doing to the heads. i am not trying to be a smart a## about this but it is fact that they are going to be reworking these heads this year. all i can say is if your not having trouble then you should not have nothing to worry about. we have been working with company engineers all year on this and i don't think they are telling lies i have read the emails and been on conference calls with them this winter. i guess i am just glad we have a dealer that keeps up on these things when they get the mods on the heads i guess i will have to take pictures and post them to show other dealers i know what i am talking about . hope all of you have a safe and prosperous farming season good luck
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