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8120 feeder chain

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im am working for a guy that has a 8120 last fall it had no problems other then the feeder house chain master link braking a few times and chain got twisted pull in a new chain to finish. we got it out to get ready for wheat and the chain is trying to clime over the sprocket on the one side. anyone no why it is doing this or what to do about it? other then that did 5000acres last year with no other problems
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did stripper plates next to sprockets git out of alignment catching chain, scott.
are sprockets wore, plastic filler strips on top of feeder floor wore out and chain catching, this will cause connector links to come out, remove cover on r/h side of feeder, forward plastic cover, 2 19 mm bolts, turn top shaft 2 1/4 socket with 3/4 drive ratchet, turn forward and reverse, with top cover removed, will see your problem, scott.
spring loaded tenschioners was a update to correct issues with chains, darn double chains, once they get tweaked there junk, one chain loose other tight, this is why case went to one piece chain, this has been the biggest pain in the a's, have changed many out, i agree with above post, check drum, shaft and arms, are stops set the same left to right, scott.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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