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8120/Pro 700 yield cal.

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Hi all, I'm getting ready to start the harvest season and I wanted to make sure I was starting it right with my yield monitor.

Last year, when I was getting towards the end of the season I found I had a harder time calibrating it. I have a truck scale at home so I usually check pretty often.

Doing my calibration, I noticed let say combine recorded 10T, I would enter my scale weight which was 10.5T and Actual weight would only go up to 10.2T.

Why wasn't it going up directly to 10.5? I had to trick the data by putting a higher number than my scale weight until actual weight would reach 10.5T.

Is it because I have too much calibration data in my Pro 700? Was thinking of restarting the season fresh with no calibration data from the previous years. Is it a good idea?

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Wonder is it's taking on product moisture and correcting yeild some how, be real sweet to here why this is, plan on calibrating mine tuesday
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