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I am using an old autofarm (AF5001) and was able to use the valve that comes on the combine and was able to use the wheel angle sensor that is in the steering ram. I don't know how this sensor works because all you can see is a wire coming out of the side of the ram.GPS Ag made an adapter cable to connect the Autofarm harness to the steering valve harness. Can't use a pressure transducer signal to disengage the autosteer because it senses pressure when you put the auger out or lift the reel. GPS Ag are supplying a sensor to fit to the steering column to disengage the autosteer. The sensor in the steering column that Case use won't work with the older Autofarms but I think it would work with an A5. The short version of all of that is it uses most of the stuff that comes on the combine.
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