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8120 vs chipped 8120 vs chipped 9120

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We have a neighbor that has 3 9120's chipped. He had a custom harvester with 8120's, one chipped.

The ground speed of the chipped 8120 compared to the unchipped 8120 was about .5 mph faster. The chipped 8120 did not have to slow down in the heavier parts of the field like the unchipped 8120. No real fuel savings noticed but productivity of the chipped unit resulted in about an extra 5-10 acres per day.

The speed and productivity of the chipped 8120 and 9120 was not that different. Both ran about the same ground speed but the 9120 used more fuel. Was also told that the chip may void warranty(meaning warranty is void) if it is determined that the chip had any contributing factor to any engine failure.

My question is: is the 9120 worth the extra money?
Also: Would you chip a new combine if it voids warranty?

We think the reason the chipped 8120 and 9120 were comparable in capacity is a result of the feeder house being run at the maximum it can handle. These were used in northeast Saskatchewan, Kamsack, really heavy tough thrashing conditions.
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From what I've seen losses is the limiting factor for chipped 8120's so I question the need for a 9120 unless you don't mind throwing a little over. What were your neighbors finding for losses? Do they run small tube rotors? Were the fields pretty green after and was there a difference between the 8120 and 9120 for losses?
ST rotors, losses were acceptable and similar across all machines, heavy with some green immature spots. Again we felt the limiting factor was the feeder house. Also, would you chip your new combine if there is a chance of the warranty being void if there is a engine malfunction?
I don't think I would. Especially if the feederhouse is the limiting factor anyways. I've been told that If you unchip the engine there is is no way of knowing it was ever chipped.
That is true there is no way of finding out if it was and if i was you i would jump to the 9120 and i have seen that the chip takes the fuel consumption down to pay for the chip
But the feeder house capacity is the same on both the 8120 & the 9120? Or am I wrong.
Could you buy a new motor for the 8120 just on price difference? If you can I would buy the 8120 and chip it.
9120 has 13 litre non compound turbo
8120 has 10.3 litre
7120 has 9 litre

all Iveco Cursor with internal egr.

cost of the engine for 9120 is in the 50k range.

If a guy did toast a motor,,could you stick a different one in,, ie cummins, cat, detroit,,,I imagine all electric stuff geared for Iveco
yeah tough to do these days not like before with big trucks if ur cat blew and u wanted a cummins it was fairly easy to swith now electronics and fuel maps and such are specific for that motor on a combine platform
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